Online Certification Courses That Move Your Career Forward

By Rebecca Haden

In a recent discussion with a bank president, I was making a case for education, just as education. The bank president didn’t agree. “College degrees are all very well,” he said, “but what people really need is something that’ll get them a good job.”

If you feel this way, then you don’t need a liberal arts degree or a lengthy program that will just offer a snooze button for your career. You need an online certification or degree program that will lead you to career success.

Five Degree Programs That Promise Career Success

Some people have a career goal about which they feel passionate, and they don’t mind going hungry if they can do what they love. Other people have families to support and lifestyles they want to live. For these people, it makes sense to choose a career area for which there is significant demand.  Online education can be the answer.

Here are some to consider:

  • Healthcare Certificate Degrees From Geriatric Care to Medical Billing and Coding, the changes in our health care system demand people with new skills. As our population ages, medical records go electronic, and legal changes in the health care system evolve, demand for people with health care degrees will continue to increase.
  • Technology Certificate Degrees Computers are at the center of the work world today, and there is a shortage of programmers. Information Technology, network systems, web development and website design are all growth fields.
  • Science and Math Certificate Degrees The United States is suffering from shortages of workers with math and science skills. Certificates in Biosecurity, Bioinformatics, and Actuarial Science are among the options. Many technicians can find work with online certification that can be completed in a year or two, and may earn more than scientists with bachelor’s degrees.
  • Public Safety Certificate Degrees Growing concern with public safety and the increasing importance of technology in these fields has increased the need for people with specialized training.  Fire and Safety Engineering Technology, Occupational Safety and Health, and Forensics are areas in which growth is predicted.
  • Personal Care Certificate Degrees Manufacturing jobs may be outsourced, mechanical jobs may become obsolete, but cosmetologists, personal trainers, and chefs have to do their work on site. Certificates in Culinary Arts, Esthetics, Health and Fitness, and Nutrition Science offer training for these growing fields.

Why Get Your Degree Online?

While traditional college freshman may thrive on campus – and may need that face-to-face help – working adults benefit from the flexibility of online education. Rather than having to stop working and go into debt to gain the new skills you need, you can get those skills and complete your degree online.

Online degrees and certifications allow you to make career changes without causing hardship for your family. You can fit online classes into your schedule easily. It may seem impossible to get that business degree when you’re responsible for the care of children – but with online college course, you can study while supervising the kids and take exams during nap times. A fulltime worker can take get a nursing degree online in time others spend watching TV or shopping.

Distance learning requires discipline and motivation – two things adults are likely to have. When you know from experience the difference career training can make, you’re the ideal candidate for online education. You can go at your own pace instead of spending long hours in the classroom.

Whether you’re stuck in a job you never really wanted, or struggling in a field that’s losing jobs, new training can open new doors.  The first door you must open however, is actually a window: your browser window, as you search for the online college that’s the right fit for your needs.

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