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Choosing Your Major Field of Study: Online or Offline

Thinking of going to college? Worried about being accepted by the university of your choice? Perhaps you should give some thought to why you are going to go to a university...

Burning the Midnight Oil: Or, How to Make the Most of Your Studying

The phrase “burning the midnight oil” is as old as the hills. Some phrases like that go back to a former time before the days of electricity, when kerosene lamps were used. These lamps burned oil (and they still do). So the idea of burning midnight oil means reading or writing in the wee hours. Studying, in short.

How to Cope in Your Rapidly Changing World: College and Technology

Those of us who were born more than 50 years ago can honestly say this: the world has changed since our birth more in the last half century than in...

Community Pride: How One Community College Gets a Laugh from NBC’s “Community”

Everyone loves a good laugh.  That’s why the writers at NBC dreamed up the new primetime comedy “Community."  The show depicts the mythical and somewhat dysfunctional Greendale Community College as the setting for an odd mixture of misfits including the legendary Chevy Chase.  Each week, the show follows...


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